Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas lights!!!

So, I'll have a video clip of Christmas lights up here as soon as the silly thing uploads...

Watch this space...

Also, I've been experimenting with the video capabilities of wordpress, so we'll see which on I like the most:

January 4th Approacheth! (and Kevin Whately randomly)

January 4th Approacheth!Well, folks. Today you are in for a treat! I have found myself an online dialect translator so this post will be featured in three different 'languages': Englishie, Scottie and (in random honour of Kevin Whately) Geordie!

I hope you all are having a fine christmas week. Well, I don't know about all of you all, but I'm actually quite keen about this upcoming January. Why, you ask? Well, just take a look at this:

As you all know, our dear beloved CMO is making an 'I'm-not-dead-yet' appearance in the this season's next episode, 'Be All My Sins Remember'd' on the fourth of January. I big shout out to Joe M. and Martie G. for being just plain awesome, too! *whoo* The mates and I will be celebrating like if a Sam Neill-David Thewlis-Ian Hart movie was made and I'll be putting up that story as it unfolds.

Today was actually quite an interesting day. My mate and I went to the shops and did a bit of christmas shopping. A couple days ago, she gave me this little green dinosaur in the bookstore. I happened to be standing next to the mystery dvd shelves, so I pulled out the 'Inspector Lewis' dvd (they don't have any of 'Inspector Morse', the uncultured swine that is Barnes & Noble) and, taking a picture with my new camera (I sadly dropped my old one...*sob*) and took a picture with the dinosaur next to Lewis's (Whately's) face. Of course, I had to call the dinosaur after him and decided to make him do a Flat Stanley-Knome impression. Take a look:

Januar 4th approacheth! weel, folks. the-day ye ur in fur a treat! Ah hae foond myself an online dialect translatur sae thes post will be featured in thee different 'languages': englishie, scottie an' (in random honoor ay kevin whately) geordie!

I hiner ye aw ur havin' a braw christmas week. weel, ah dunnae kinn abit aw ay ye aw, but aam actually quite keen abit thes upcomin' januar. wa, ye ask? weel, jist tak' a swatch at this:

As ye aw ken, uir hen beloved cmo is makin' an 'i'm-not-dead-yet' appearance in th' thes season's next episode, 'be aw mah sins remember'd' oan th' foorth ay januar. Ah big shit it tae joe m. an' martie g. fur bein' jist plain awesome, tay! *whoo* th' mates an' Ah will be celebratin' loch if a sam neill-david thewlis-ian hart movie was gart an' i'll be puttin' up 'at story as it unfolds.

Today was actually quite an interestin' day. mah mucker an' Ah went tae th' shaps an' did a bit ay christmas messages. a coople days ago, she gae me thes wee green dinosaur in th' bookstair. Ah happened tae be standin' next tae th' mystery dvd shelves, sae Ah pulled it th' 'inspectur lewis' dvd (they dornt hae onie ay 'inspectur morse', th' uncultured swine 'at is barnes & noble) an', takin' a picture wi' mah new camera (i sadly drapped mah auld a body...*sob*) an' took a picture wi' th' dinosaur next tae lewis's (whately's) coopon. ay coorse, Ah hud tae caa th' dinosaur efter heem an' decided tae make heem dae a flat stanley-knome impression. tak' a look:

January 4th approacheth! well, folks. the'da yas in fo' a treat! ah hev foond me'sel an online dialect translator see this post will be featured in three different 'languages': englishie, scottie an' (in random honoor iv kevin whately) geordie!

I hope yee aaal are havin a fine christmas week. wey, ah divvint knar abyeut aaal iv yee aaal, but ahm actually canny keen abyeut this upcomin january. why, yee ax? wey, just tek a lyeuk at this:

As yee aaal knar, wor hinny beloved cmo is makin an 'i'm-not-dead-yet' appearance in the this season's next episode, 'be aaal me sins remember'd' on the fourth iv january. ah muckle shyeut yeut tuh joe m. an' martie g. fo' bein just plain awesum, an' aaal! *whoo* the mates an' ah will be celebratin leek if a sam neill-david thewlis-ian hart movie wes myed an' i'll be puttin up that story as it unfolds.

Toda wes actually canny an interestin da. me hinny an' ah went tuh the shops an' did fair iv christmas shoppin. a couple days ago, she gev wor this wee green dinosaor in the bookstair. ah happened tuh be standin next tuh the mystarry dvd shelves, see ah pulled yeut the 'inspector lewis' dvd (they divvint hev any iv 'inspector morse', the uncultured swine that is barnes & neeble) an', takin a picture wi' me new camera (i sadly dropped me aad yen...*sob*) an' tyeuk a picture wi' the dinosaor next tuh lewis's (whately's) face. whey aye, aa'd tuh caal the dinosaor eftor him an' decided tuh myek him dee a flat stanley-knum impression. tek a look:

And there it is, folks. Thank you to my mate, Allison, who posed wonderfully and made sure Dino-Whately didn't fall down, and to the policeman who was so very funny and kind. Cheers to you two!

And if you want to see a brief clip of our dear Carson, you can view it in this promo for 'Sins'. He's at the very end, around 00:53 ;)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stargate: Atlantis Season 4 Premiere...

Well, they do like to hit the ground running, we'll give 'em that! Cheers to Martin Gero for a wonderfully written episode and to the whole cast and crew of 'Adrift'. David Nykl's performance was pitch perfect (per usual) and it was nice to see a bit of angry sparks fly between My-hair-defies-gravity Sheppard and I'm-with-genius McKay. I'm actually quite excited about Carter joining the team and can't wait to see how Dr. Keller is developed. That is, until the mid-season two parter 'Be All My Sins Remember'd' when CARSON makes his comeback *dance dance dance*. It's good to have our Scot in the Sky back.
Bottom line? This seasone premiere was FRAKIN' AWESOME!

...damn you 'to be continued' titles.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Stargate In Austin...

Hey everyone. I was thinking recently about the dire lack of Sci Fi conventions in Texas and decided to do a preliminary exercise to see how many people would be interested in the possibility of having a Sci Fi convention in Austin, Texas. I've always found it strange that the live music capital of the world where the Austin Film Festival as well as SXSW are held, does not have a Sci Fi convention. There was an anime convention for all of five years, but we can see how that went. If anything a SFC could piggyback onto SXSW as a venue.

Therefore, I've decided to look into this idea and see what's possible. We have a group on facebook:

I like how the url's quite easy to remember, so get on that ;D.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Because we all know it's true...

A new discovery!
'Fan Mail From a Friendly Flounder':
atlantisfannew1: "wwwaaoooooooouuuuuuuu ....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh je meurt!!!!!!trop belle photo de joseph!!!!!! magnifique!!!! c est le plus beau!!!!!oui!!!! joseph c est un heros!!!!yaaaaaaaaaoooooouuu *extase* hum hum!!**Jadore** =D!Vive Joseph <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3>
Answer: 'Magnifique'. 'Un heros'. Need we say anything more?